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Delusion, hope or a lie?
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Re: Delusion, hope or a lie?
Jul 10, 2017, 13:49
Locodogz wrote:
Hey Sanctuary

Firstly can I say that I genuinely do admire your optimism!!!

You've kind of pulled my 'hey, its the future' line a little out of it's context, if you don't mind me saying. It was specifically applied to the 'freedom of movement/working in Europe' piece as I believe there may well end up being some kind of expedient 'fudge' in this area of Brexit.

As to the whole thing (and I know you won't want to hear this) but I'm broadly with Nigel on this. Every indicator that I've seen (IMHO) points to us all being worse off post Brexit, be that financially or culturally.

Doesn't mean we can't hope for the best, mind.....!

Hi Locodogz

I feel much depends on what articles we choose to take on board or how much we believe from all the mixture of 'experts' we have to put up with on the TV to form our individual opinions.

The fact is, no matter how we play it or claim, nobody knows with certainty and won't until we actually leave. We are in speculation time but I remain upbeat because that's how I am and always will be.

I'm accepting that no matter what I say or what others may say in return, it's a pretty pointless situation as neither of us are going to change our views overnight so we should just agree to disagree. That's what I'm doing anyway and have now moved on.

Keep well
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