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Duterte update
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Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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Re: Duterte update
Apr 03, 2017, 22:20
phallus dei wrote:
dhajjieboy wrote:
Try as I might,
I did not achieve a 'Nuanced' point of view as regards Hitler after perusing that link.
Still an all-time asshole.{I know that you knew that....}
I suspect that hitler will certainly form at least part of the welcoming committee for duterte when he arrives in hell.
And so from the perspective of eternity, hitler and duterte have a 'LOT' in common.

Hitler was a madman who directed his hatred toward an imagined enemy (his paranoid visions of a Jewish conspiracy). Duterte is attempting to solve a real problem. They have nothing in common.

Hear! Hear!

The USA and Britain publicly declared an imaginary conspiracy about a force of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. Except they knew damn fine there weren't any WMDs. So the conspiracy was ALL theirs. Then they carpet bombed the country back to the Stone Age, invaded and killed a million Iraquis, displaced millions more, created ISIS and sowed the seeds of a crop we will be harvesting for centuries.

Hitler will be welcoming Bush and Blair through the gates of Hell.

Duterte will on balance be able to defend his robust policing of murdering, psychotic Narco-Gangs and ISIS head-choppers, neck-hackers and chainsaw enthusiasts. St Peter will pause for a moment and look down his list and wave Duterte through to take his seat on the clouds with the cool dudes.

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