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Trump: 67 increments this week
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phallus dei
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Re: Trump: 67 increments this week
Mar 31, 2017, 15:18
dhajjieboy wrote:
phallus dei wrote:
dhajjieboy wrote:
This last post of yours succinctly demonstrates your arrogance and ignorance.
I scoff at all who pertain to be the only ones in the know.
And you sure as hell aint.
For the record, I'm American{currently based in Florida} and proud of it.
I'm 55 years old this summer, and have never worried a day in my hard working life about 'Big brother'.
I didn't "grow up" at all with Cope as a guiding light....
We had Bob Dylan and Neil Young....i'm gonna stick with that.
And now i will leave the remnants of this thread to you and ole 'digger'....
after all...as you say....your here to:

"try to spread knowledge and provoke debate"

good luck with that.

I never claimed to "know it all", only to know significantly more about the current state of the world and the US than you, based on the "quality" of your posts here. I'm always willing to learn from others who frame their arguments in a coherent manner, and refer to actual historical evidence for their proof, instead of just relying on how they "feel," or whatever their government / authority figure tells them. That's why I have learned so much from Julian Cope, this site, On this Diety, and others.

Oh, and I'm also an American in middle age, not that it matters. Age and nationality have no relationship to "truth."

Yes, it's patently obvious that you are the only one here in command of the "truth".
I currently have 4 passport books completely stamped over from my career travels and jaunts.....i wouldn't know a thing about "the world".
More than that though, i have many years of posts on this site that evidence my politics quite clearly and with credible substantiation to back my assertions too.
You ? not so much i'm afraid.
Quite frankly, you are not worth the effort to engage with any longer.
Send us some pictures from your pilgrimage to "commandant" Castro's grave.
I'm sure that mr. trump appreciates having you on his side too.
Talk about 'Dodgey'.....phew !!

Dhajjieboy, are you a performance artist? Does your "performance" consist of repeatedly posting comments devoid of all argumentative skills? If so, I admire your consistency and effort, though I do question if U-Know, a forum intended for "politics, righteous talk & direct action" is the appropriate place for your artistic efforts.

In previous exchanges I have provided you with an abundance of sources, such as when I disagreed with your narrative of the Syrian war. Your usual response is to ignore such information completely, and counteract with ad-hominem attacks. (Including calling me homophobic?)

Although it can be funny to read your responses, it's mostly tiring. I suggest that if you are going for the performance artist route, you try to vary your routine more. On the positive side, I do like how you "ironically" incorporate Sarah Palin-esque comments in your replies, such as "Good luck with that" and "How's that.... working out for ya?" This aspect of your approach, while admittedly low-brow, has comedic potential.
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