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Trump: 67 increments this week
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phallus dei
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Re: Trump: 67 increments this week
Mar 29, 2017, 17:50
dhajjieboy wrote:
phallus dei wrote:
dhajjieboy wrote:
Ah well....at least you have ole' Phallus Dei{cock god???}{Dick Deity???}{?????} to sidle up to.
Why the two of you would want to press a totally strange Right Wing/Marxist hybrid agenda here is a real mystery....or just an agenda.

Have you ever bothered to notice the political evolution of Julian Cope, the artist around whom this site is based? Cope has progressed from a vague late 90's "death to the Greedheads!" stance, to asserting nationalism as a way to defeat global culture/Rome in the '00s, to promoting a mixture of anarchism and Marxist nationalism (Che Guevara, Black Panther Party) at the turn of the decade. A pic of him with his Black Sheep boys even included a sign that said "Destroy American Capitalism" at one point. And what about the politics of the On this Diety site? Did you ever read or consider any of the articles there?

My "agenda" in posting on U-Know is to try to spread knowledge and provoke debate among people who are fed up with the murderous status quo. What is yours?

To address your concerns:
I really haven't followed Julian's output since around the time 'Dark Orgasm'...
I just can't be assed with all 'Revolutionary' stuff to tell you the truth. The entire concept behind it all is somewhat cartoonish to me, what with the sheer scale of leather those guys wear and military hats, right down to most of the lyrics through the 'Black Sheep' period. Does absolutely nothing for me as far as furthering the causes that I personally hold dear to my heart.
And really, I seriously doubt that Julian himself would be up for any antics at all that would jeopardize his comfortable existence or his family's security....
Kind of a manufactured 'Revolution' on a very low key scale with a pop sensibility thrown in.
Don't get me wrong though, he has had completely inspirational moments throughout his canon.
But he's not my idea of someone to look to for forwarding the Human endeavor.
And yes, I occasionally do peruse Dorian's site too, I don't think that the points of view are always correct there either, but it does offer candid looks at some heroes and some zeros, and some real atrocities committed on the global scene thru the ages.
Not just by the United States either.....as you would typically have it.
Which leads to you and your obviously right wing/Marxist/what the fuck ever.......
I personally have not learned a thing from your posts.
You typically never start your own threads, yet will wade in with an armload of RT{Russian Television} links to articles that are so skewed that they are downright laughable....
And then try to tell the readers of that particular thread that the provenance of that execrable journalism has its origins in Great Britain, RT{Russian Television} is not a "Well written article" that sourced from REUTERS news organization.
The fact that you will not address that little subterfuge makes your 'Motivations' here far more clear and obvious than mine.
As for my "agenda" here....there is none...
I do respect the thoughts of many members former and present, with cogent and peaceable outlooks towards the future.
I like to think I visit this site{and many other credible resources}out of a sense of intellectual curiosity, and as a way to occasionally reach out to distance shores that communicate in my native language.

I have to say too though....
In your own words:

"My "agenda" in posting on U-Know is to try to spread knowledge and provoke debate among people who are fed up with the murderous status quo. What is yours?"

You simply seem to want to "provoke"
I believe that I have civilly answered your questions.

PS: nice job on that spectacular reply to Ian, I believe it merits the most Homophobic response on this site all year thus far.

You've surprised me with an actual response to specific points, as opposed to your typical blanket dismissal. But then you live up to my expectations when you reveal that you can't be bothered to tell who it is that you are actually talking to. So, thanks somewhat, I guess...

If you can highlight which things you mean for me, and which you mean for Mr. Digger, I will try to go back and answer the relevant issues. In the meantime, I'm not going to try to "prove" I'm not homophobic when I have no idea what you are talking about, or where that charge even came from.

Regarding sources, I have provided lots more sources than RT; I'm not sure if I have ever even provided RT, for that matter. But even if I did, what's the big deal? Everything we read reflects the political, corporate, cultural, and individual biases of the author/publisher. There is no "objective" source. As thinking people we should address each source on its own merits. Your constant implication that Digger and I are Russian spies / stooges for Putin simply because we don't parrot the MSM is laughable.

Suffice to say, I see Cope as one of my major heroes, someone who has played a crucial role in my political and aesthetic development. One of Cope's greatest influences on me was to teach me how to think for myself. My politics are always in a state of development, reflecting what I have learned, and my appraisal of the current situation. If you ever took the time to actually debate, perhaps I could learn something from you, too.
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