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Trump: 67 increments this week
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phallus dei
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Re: Trump: 67 increments this week
Mar 29, 2017, 13:56
dhajjieboy wrote:
Ah well....at least you have ole' Phallus Dei{cock god???}{Dick Deity???}{?????} to sidle up to.
Why the two of you would want to press a totally strange Right Wing/Marxist hybrid agenda here is a real mystery....or just an agenda.

Have you ever bothered to notice the political evolution of Julian Cope, the artist around whom this site is based? Cope has progressed from a vague late 90's "death to the Greedheads!" stance, to asserting nationalism as a way to defeat global culture/Rome in the '00s, to promoting a mixture of anarchism and Marxist nationalism (Che Guevara, Black Panther Party) at the turn of the decade. A pic of him with his Black Sheep boys even included a sign that said "Destroy American Capitalism" at one point. And what about the politics of the On this Diety site? Did you ever read or consider any of the articles there?

My "agenda" in posting on U-Know is to try to spread knowledge and provoke debate among people who are fed up with the murderous status quo. What is yours?
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