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Trump: 67 increments this week
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phallus dei
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Edited Mar 28, 2017, 13:35
Re: Trump: 67 increments this week
Mar 28, 2017, 13:25
nigelswift wrote:
Locodogz wrote:
Hopefully Trump will be so "incompetent" that he will bring down the Empire.

I'm intrigued.
What do you mean by that and crucially what will be the consequence?

I think a better direction for the world would be one that is genuinely multi-polar, where the big countries (such as US, Russia, China, an independent Europe (free of American domination), and maybe Brazil, India, etc) are each strong enough to pursue/protect their own interests in the global arena. This would inevitably force increased levels of compromise for the "greater good." I think the sorry state of the world since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and especially since 9/11, have definitively shown that having only one superpower is a recipe for disaster.

One of Trump's main campaign promises was friendlier ties to Russia, and the end to global trade agreements such as NAFTA and TPP. The Russian initiative seems blocked, at least for the moment. But maybe ending the globalist trade initiatives will still be pursued. I believe that through such policies, America's super-power status will inevitably decline. It will be forced to act like a "regular country" instead of simply using political and economic pressure to force weaker countries to follow its example.

The option above is if Trump and his cabinet are capable enough, and his opponents are weak enough, to pull it off. Option number two is simply a continuation of Trump's policies so far - he tries to do things, can't, the media throws a fit, Trump responds in a way that pisses off the elites even more. This option, which I call the "Trump is incompetent" scenario, still has the positive outcome of reducing American prestige on the world scale, while directing most of the attention of American elites at impeaching Trump. Such a domestic focus also gives the rest of the world more time to breathe, and plot ways to free themselves from American domination.

When I advocate for the death of the Empire, I mean an end, or at least a considerable weakening, of American imperialism. An America rid of the toxic belief in "American exceptionalism" would still be an important (and hopefully positive) force in the world.

Like Johnny Rotten, I find Trump thus far to be "A joy to behold."

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