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Re: Irony
Mar 21, 2017, 18:50
Howburn Digger wrote:
nigelswift wrote:
Sorry, when I said "If it came to a straight choice between England leaving Scotland and England leaving Europe I'd vote for leaving Scotland" I wasn't trying to make a point of constitutional law I was saying that for me personally being a European citizen is far more important than being a United Kingdom citizen, nothing more.

Well, as J P Donleavy once said "Wherever you are, there you go."

Funny, but the people of Scotland seem to be looking to exit the UK and find some way of continuing links with the EU in some form or other. The Europy will still want our Whisky, Beer, Barley, Carrots and Salmon.

But maybe England should consider leaving Great Britain and revoking the Treaty of Union they signed in 1706. Some Independence might clarify things a little for them.

I think it's a terrible shame that during 13 years or whatever of Labour in Govt they failed to put the two countries back on a equal footing as partners in a union. Devolution was not anywhere near enough.

By the time of Indyref1 I believe (though you may not agree) that Salmond would have accepted "Devo Max" but the Tories would not countenance it and Labour colluded with that. It's no great surprise that Labour was rejected by Scotland, unlike pandas.
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