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Feb 19, 2017, 13:05
This will no doubt come across to some as a snobby, elitist attitude, but one of the greatest things about Britain in my opinion is that everyone is entitled to - and for the vast majority, receives - a free education. It does sometimes seem that those most vocally championing the cause of White England and the English (which must at all costs be saved from the influence, dilution or replacement by anything "foreign") are the ones least able to spell in the language they are apparently fighting to keep pure.

I say England and the English because the voices of those who voted for Leave in Wales (despite being the majority), as well as those who voted Leave in Scotland and Northern Ireland seem far less strident and harsh post-Referendum in their outright criticisms of foreigners, and anyone who has a different view to them, than their English counterparts. This will definitely be an "English Brexit", whether or not the Union survives it. The Tories have already refused to agree to provide a report to the Welsh Assembly on the effect Brexit will have on Wales, and I imagine that anyone there who still thinks Wales will be properly represented in the EU negotiations is sadly mistaken.

I won't forgive Blair for the horrors of Iraq and its consequences (which of course Johnson and the Tory opposition also fully supported at the time), but that doesn't mean I can't agree with his message here.

We are being pushed towards an outcome that will not bring the anticipated return to halcyon days of some Fabled Albion, where English people all had high and equal incomes and wonderful manufacturing industries, with free healthcare, social justice for all and no danger from the dangerous ideologies or religions of foreigners.

It's a sad day when we have to look to Blair and his ilk to voice these concerns, but unfortunately "the 48%" (not to mention anyone who either didn't vote at the time, or anyone from "the 52%" who has concerns about the direction we are now heading) are constantly just told to shut up, "you lost, get over it".

Someone needs to voice those concerns, regardless of the unpalatability of the messenger. Labour will clearly not do so, as they have started uttering the dread phrase "the will of the People" as well as the Tories, scared as they are of losing votes to UKIP, so where else can those of us who are deeply concerned about where we are heading look to for a voice? Because we will not "shut up", or "get over it", any more than Leavers would have had the result been the other way around.
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