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Will Holywood protest this one?
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Toni Torino
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Re: Will Holywood protest this one?
Jan 26, 2017, 20:31
Popel Vooje wrote:
Sin Agog wrote:
I'm just hoping his isolationist policies do translate to the rest of the world not being bothered with. If that's really what happens, then this thin-skinned child may even be better for the world than Obama. The American people may suffer, but at least people aren't being killed en masse. I'm sceptical as everyone I've seen involved with his campaign has a gormless, idiotic mien about them, and stupidity is more virulent and contagious than wit. I wonder how long such types will be able to hold back from attempting to infect other countries with their disease. We'll see.

Well, he's been in power for all of four days and already he wants to create safe zones in Syria - despite telling everyone he wouldn't- and is also puffing up his chest in preparation for an economic square-off with china, so it looks as if the quasi-isolationist stance that he trumpeted in order to get himself elected was all BS, just as I suspected.

I'm not aiming this comment at you specifically, but it appears to me that those who are saying "why don't we give him a chance - he might not be as bad as we thought" are burying their heads in the sand. There's no two ways about it - he's going to be an effing nightmare.

I think those asking for giving him a chance might have a very different idea as to what would constitute a successful Presidency.
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