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Presidential debate
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Re: Presidential debate
Sep 27, 2016, 22:38
dhajjieboy wrote:
Trump actually invoked the names of Howard Stern and Rosie O'Donnell in a presidential debate {for fucks sake!}....total fail.
He offered up Sean Hannity as a source reference on his position on the Iraq coalition offensive...{and lied about it too}..Total fail.
Sean Hannity is perhaps the USA's most notorious FOX news spin monger alive today. He actually seethes hatred.
Lied about his birther stance..
Used the word 'I' about a thousand times in constant self congratulatory segues..
Dozens of attempts to interrupt Hillary when she had the floor..

lots of gaffs.
Lots of sneering and Mussolini esque camera mugging...
All that said tho... Donald was right about the current state of our failing economy... Pinning the rap on Hills was out of line though....
Our industry's have been slipping away since the 1950's. Sector by sector.
I blame more of that on the Business men than i do on the politicians.
He was right about the cost to the USA policing the worlds hot spots at our own cost.
Anyone could see that though.
I'm a lifetime registered Democrat though. 3rd generation in fact.
I'm voting Hillary.

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