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There's a new sheriff in town.....
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Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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Re: There's a new sheriff in town.....
Dec 08, 2016, 19:05
Once Duterte refused to enter into a "treaty" with the USA to house their latest planned massive US drone base at Mindanao, the presstitutes in The Media had to try and paint him as some kinda murderer. The freedom given to Western Mining Companies to kill trade unionists, protesters and civil rights workers so enjoyed under Marcos, Arroyo and Ramos was abolished by Duterte. And so the MSN "news" item which was used to start this thread should be of little surprise to any of us who understand how "news" works... But a little clarifying look into the kind of US Black Operations which are signatures of its foreign policy implimentation will be of benefit...

“After Mayor Duterte announced in 2003 that no US military exercises would be allowed in the city of Davao, it was bombed twice: one bomb exploded at the airport, another at the pier.”

The Philippines were then flooded with cheap and free Chrystal Meth.

It is how The Company works.

Create chaos.

The USA simply want Marshall Law in the Philippines, after all the CIA trained most of the Philippines Military. So once ML was installed it would be back to the old days! Like when they used to run Cuba with The Mob...

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