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Cat Stevens...
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Re: Cat Stevens...
May 13, 2015, 22:25
dhajjieboy wrote:
Lawrence wrote:
I've nothing but contempt for this Dodge One pseudonym. Hasn't he got something better to do like get a fucking job or something?

Actually I'm very nearing retirement old son,
35 years of work is a pretty good run...
don't you think?
You should be glad too. It was people like me who funded you most of your life.
By the way, did you ever rid yourself of your bed bug infestation?
Rochester is a pretty depressed part of the world.....them bugs must be something to fend off.

Bed Bugs is mean and evil
don't mean my body no good

Bed Bugs is mean and evil
don't mean my body no good

Thinks he's a woodpecker
my poor body's a piece of wood.

dude shut the fuck up. I think I speak for many here that you've tainted this site with your stench long enough. No cares that you try to shake the hornets nest or upset the apple cart, youre lame and boring and just fucking childish. Most frequent posters on HH know each other via the site enough to know a fraud when they see one and buddy let me tell ya youre fucking clear as day. Everyone here has there own opinions and many of us have clashed over the years but we don't pick on one another for a reaction. go away now perhaps you can stir up the one direction website with your drivel they might take you more seriously cos here buddy..youre just a douche
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