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Cat Stevens...
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grufty jim
grufty jim
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Re: Cat Stevens...
May 13, 2015, 14:12
dhajjieboy wrote:
You 'tone it down' pal.
Me nasty? I have'nt resorted to profanity once in any of these threads.
Yet am met with FUCK YOU's right and left and CUNT Kicking absurdities.
Nasty as that? I don't think so.
As always...you make the rules. And give the passes. As you see fit.
Do you wear a Mitre?
Too right wing for you? This place? Any right wing {as you say} utterences here are the utter minority. Always met with total belligerence by the 'Cadre'. What's to discuss?
There is no MIDDLE ROAD here jimmy old boy

The idea that someone like me, who doesn't even visit here for months on end somehow "makes the rules" amuses me.

In fact, I pretty much disagree with everything you say there. But I sense little point in continuing. The version of this site that exists in your head doesn't match the one I see on the dozen or so times per year that I still post here.
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