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Re: Cat Stevens...
May 13, 2015, 13:19
tyroneshoelaces wrote:
I'll bite. I simply can't get over the bloke calling on television for someone to kill Salman Rushdie for the crime of writing a book. That doesn't accord with any of my beliefs, though I accept that he's a long way from being the worst religious bigot in the world.

Do your own research. He never 'called for someone to kill Rushdie'.
He simply quoted the Koran as the reason 'OTHER PEOPLE'{Muslim Mullahs and clerics} declared a Fatwa. He was then grossly misquoted, out of context, by the right wing press. Murdoch/ Fox affiliates.
While your doing your own research, do take note of the fact that Mr. Stevens is a recognized world peace activist, as recognized by a panel of
Nobel peace prize recipients.
And yes LAWRENCE....he's a far better man than you.
No Nazi-Satanic affiliations in HIS background.
Don't think Cat Stevens will ever be caught in Insane Ass Clown make-up either.
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