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Rusell Brand - Revolutionist?????????????
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Edited Oct 28, 2013, 14:43
Re: Rusell Brand - Revolutionist?????????????
Oct 28, 2013, 14:43
Charlie2300 wrote:
Astralcat wrote:
I was a bit spannered yesterday and not meaning to be rude, I was just having a joke/being daft, but apologies anyway for any offence caused. Herbs and the after affects of sleeping pills/painkillers do not mix very well. Anyway, hey, it's only Sooty!
As for your your comment re. the Irish, it wasn't very clearly put and easily misunderstood, in my opion.

Re. mediation, I think this is an excellent idea:


Crikey. That's the last thing that I would have expected of David Lynch - meditation. I did wonder what he had been up to beyond "Inland Empire" and his music.
Meditation and associated therapies have always been beyond me - bipolarity and the manic imperative in action. It's hard enough to concentrate on reading one book at a time.

Mantra meditation is quite easy to get into. It works. The only problem I have with the official TM set up is that they charge you a small fortune for something ancient and free. Not cool. Good on David though for spreading some very helpful knowledge and wisdom for anyone who wants to investigate further.
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