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Re: Nae state, nae class and nae cash
Oct 28, 2002, 15:03
Leave Nationalism to the Scotish Nationalists. Which Necro rightly points out were complete Tories - who have only dressed in Vaguely left clothes since the reaction up North to Mrs T.

Leave petty national chauvinism to capitalists, socialists should be above such things, as Marx said 'The Workers have no country'.

Nationalist movements should only be of real concern to socialists in places like Yugoslavia (during Bosnia) or Chechnia. Tony B maybe a complete tosser but Milosevich or Putin he ain't.
Nationalism is important when it is a struggle for Liberation.

You can hardly talk of liberation in a national sense in Scotland. Scotish workers don't have any the less rights than workers anywhere else in Britain.
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