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Tommy Sheridan - Labour Dictator!
Sep 12, 2002, 16:15
Yep, the SPGB are certainly peculiar and eccentric - and never been more than a handful of people in nearly a century. Total achetypal sect impossibilists, with zero appeal.

Anyway, Tommy Sheridan. I think he does fancy himself as a would-be future Labour Dictator. There seems to be a bit of cult of personality about him. Remember how Militant grouped around the (un)heroic Derrick Hatton round the mid 80s, and he turned out to be a right W*nker.

Arthur Scargill would still like to be a Labour Dictator, but comes from a Stalinist background rather than a Trotsyist one. Arthur Scargill led the miners to the biggest defeat in British Working class history. Hope TS & SSP don't lead the Scottish working class to an even bigger one.

On a another note, I feel the need to get more active in someway. I do not wish to join a (un)Democratic Centralralist group, but would like to be more involved. At one time you could have just joined the left of the Labour Party. Globalise Resistance seems to be something more wheeled out for anti-capitalist events and the SA seems to be wheeled out as an electoral intervention front.

I don't know, will the SA ever evolve (or has the potential to evolve) into a Left Party. The SA activity round here seems to be zero at the moment, but come election time you might notice them around these parts. I dunno necropolist is the SA worth getting involved with?
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