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Worker's Bombs!
Sep 12, 2002, 15:10
Wasn't that a WP idea, that workers states should have nuclear weapons to defend themselves. Made a change from Tanks I suppose. The WP people I used to know (years back) all seemed nice in a speccie kind of a way (am I allowed to say that - bit un PC I know).

The Lines between Stalinism and Trotskyism often blur. Despite the ideoligical differences, organisational they had many similarities. Just look at the Stalinist organisational, bureucratic, leaderships of many a Trotsyist Sect - like Militant/SP for example. Why did Militant call themseleves The Socialist Party - surely the pre-Leninist SPGB has the right to the name. Whatever people may think of the SPGB, they have been called that since 1904.

I think any Heads in the London area should help the Paul Foot for Mayor campaign out and do everything to shit the establishment up - though don't really take everything those SWPers say as fact, while helping out.
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