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Re: YerArse
Sep 12, 2002, 13:32
Necropolist did I understand you right - are you hanging around with The Weekly Worker lot. well I suppose it is a useful for sectarian gossip, I always have a butchers at it on the web. Amazing source of far left tittle tattle. Born Again ex-Stalinists!

The events of Kronstadt and such things as Trotsky replacing the soviets in factories with enforced party bureacrats just goes to show that Lenin and Trotsky were dictators. Lenin breaking up the constituent assembly (after failing to gain a majority of workers support), he also shut down none Bolshevik lead Soviets, he said that the Dictatorship of the Proletariat is equivalent to the dictatorship of one person (i.e. himself), and there is an amazing 'socialist' quote from him where he said that 1 in 10 shirkers should be shoot.

Bloody Authoritarian, one parrty dictators, I'll never consider myself a Leninist or Trotskyist again.

Anyway the point about SSP nationalism - Surely Socialism is international and concepts such as seperate countries should be alien to true socialism. Scottish Nationalism could divide English workers against Scottish workers. I think it is real Militant (ex) opportunism. Some may point to some Old Long dead dictator on what he wrote about the 'right of nations to self determination'. But come on Scotland may get a bad deal but they are hardly victims of real Imperialist oppression.

So the SSP sees the first step as an Independant Scotland, followed by an Old Labour Reformist style government. Or are they just lieing to the workers and really want a revolution. How are you gonna win the mass of workers to true socilaism with some piddling reformist program (and it is an old labour program, talking of taxation etc).

The true way to Socialism - Education, Education, Education!
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