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About turn ....
Jun 24, 2002, 14:25
Sorry, but haven't you got your point the opposite way around to everyone else?

Spirit spoke of high mortality rates in the middle east/Asia/Africa giving them a more rleaxed attitude to death, because it's a fact of life to them, whereas in the west with all our money and medicines death is an uncommon beast.

One point I thought good was of the extended family. I know that when my gran was alive we had a very large community feeling in our family but when she passed on we lost that - she was the bond it would seem.

I know I am quite insular as far as that is concerned and like many people I hear of the odd relative dying every now and then but it tends to mean little to me because I am one level removed from them. I certainly do not hear of 1 in 4 children dying before they are 5 years old.

At the moment in Pallestine people don't no when an airstrike is going to blow their house up or when a bulldozer is coing through the front wall, so perhaps there is an element of "if I'm going to die anyway then I might as well take a few of them with me!"

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