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Excuse me?
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Re: Excuse me?
Jun 19, 2002, 15:14
Well, maybe several things are coming into play here.

It's always been said that you can not beat fanatics .. if they achieve martyrdom then they've won anyway, so what can you do?

I can not percieve a cause that I KNOW that I would blow myself up for.

As for defeating the object - does it not show that they are doing it for selfless reasons rather than personal gain? (if you rule out martyrdom that is)

If these people believe that they have no other option then that is the fault of the outside world for not giving them the opportunity to take those roads.

Yes, it's wrong to do it and no one here (I think) condones it, but we can see WHY it's happening. If somebody actually listened in the first place then it wouldn't be going on.

How do you stop it now?

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