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I'm sorry
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grufty jim
grufty jim
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Edited May 15, 2009, 14:10
Re: I'm sorry
May 15, 2009, 14:09
geoffrey_prime wrote:
I have to rely on Cameron to put things right, kick out the cheats, ensure the law is applied to anyone who has committed a crime etc etc..

I find this mind-boggling. Cameron IS one of the cheats. He's a millionaire who has claimed over eighty thousand pounds of public money, yet who drones on constantly about the need for public spending cuts and pay restraint in the public sector. He's talking about pay freezes for nurses and teachers, but claims 80 grand of public money on expenses... that he -- as you yourself acknowledge -- clearly doesn't even need!

But he's the guy you're counting on to shake things up and put them right?

(and lest you think this is an anti-tory rant, it isn't... a quick look at my blog post will show I actually spent more time lambasting the labour MPs for their craven behaviour. The only reason we're discussing Cameron is because he's the only MP anyone here has tried to defend... and yet everytime you post here you make a big deal about how anti-Tory we are. Haven't you woken up to the fact that we're just anti-scumbag career politicians?)
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