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police thugs
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Gnostic Almighty
Gnostic Almighty
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Re: police thugs
Apr 07, 2009, 19:37
I personally believe that we all have valid viewpoints, albeit some certainly appear harsh and possibly tarnished.

But what's the alternative to the Police in general?

An anarchist state?
Army control?

I honestly feel that no-one here want to even contemplate the alternatives. Yes, the are some knobheads in the Police force ... perhaps too many that like inflicting pain on other human beings ... perhaps simply control freaks ... but they (i hope) are the minority.

I always recall someone saying that all the Police were simply thugs with a badge ... and that's what I feel we are forgetting, as it's that badge that makes the difference and keeps law and order.

I for one am prepared to live with a few arseholes in Police force to know that I can sleep relatively protected at night.
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