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police thugs
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Re: police thugs
Apr 07, 2009, 12:20
This is the problem, obviously someone in the metropolitan police believes that this is the way to deal with riots, quite why I do not know as it obviously alienates a general public who otherwise have no contact at all with the police ,other than seeing them on the TV battering innocent bystanders

As for individuals in the police, in the video merrick posted i think at about the 3 & a half minute mark you can see one of the riot police having a look round then without any provocation hit with a great deal of force a man with his arms in the air and his back to him, no obvious justification for his actions, no warning , nothing

If it had been at a football match and a football fan had acted in a similar manner his picture would have been all over the papers with suitably vitriolic tabloid headlines to accompany it

The police need to take and be seen to take somer sort of positive action because otherwise the general public will lose faith in them. I know it's the sameold thing that they do a difficult job in difficult circumstances yaddah yaddah but if they continue to erode public confidence in themselves they will end up doing an impossible job in an impossible situation whilst an uncaring public look on and don't care.
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