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barack's nuts
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Re: barack's nuts
Jul 15, 2008, 20:51
PMM wrote:

I will be voting Green next election. They have no chance of winning in my area or of winning the whole nation, and if they did it would make less difference than many of us would hope. But a vote for the mainstram parties means that nothing will ever change.

We've been over this many times. You make your bed. You lie in it.

I'd like it very much if the US political system had more of a parliamentary approach, where coalitions including the minor parties could form. Perhaps it's possible to get closer to that if one candidate wins over the other.

Pragmatism sometimes tastes like shit. Some people call it surrender, I call it the inevitable give-and-take that is required for a complex modern society to function. It's a bit of an exercise in loosely controlled chaos, but you and I both know how many utopian visions require a heavy hand to build. And I don't see the Naders willing to become fascists in order to clean house.

So we have a deeply flawed, but remarkably peaceful system of transition from one leader to the next- it's diluted by voter apathy, it's rigged half the time, and in this age of sound bites it's become dumbed down, but opposition candidates don't get murdered and people aren't macheted to death at the polling stations.
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