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Stupid old fart
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Edited Feb 12, 2008, 09:45
Re: Stupid old fart
Feb 12, 2008, 09:35
PMM wrote:
this board is not about name-calling. It's about activists and alternative thinkers. Such people will do everything in their vocabulary to help you see what they can see. Generally for no thanks at all.

We are probably all a times guilty of only seeing irrationality in the position of ones opposite number in a debate. As that career non-conformist and sworn enemy of the poltical right, William Hazlitt, will tell you "reason, with most people, means their own opinion". No truer words ....

The problem when rows blow up is I think generally one of vocabulary rather than of attitude. How much of communication is thought to be body language and eye-contact and how much verbal? I forget but a quick on the draw text-only debate is going to often lead into choppy waters when people are assuming a community of terms that mean the same thing to all users. Take the word libertarian for example. There's a term not to be flung around without further explanation. But because this is such a fast medium we tend to write a lot and write often without much by way of explanation as to our use of terms or references.

I know I've got trapped into some bloody message board feedback loops as a result of not taking the time to give ideas space to breathe or having the manners to give the other side a chance to do the same.

It's absolutely fine to be passionate to the point of irrationality as long as we stick to the no-harm-no-foul rule. Once it gets personal (easily done when so many write under a cloak of total anonimity) then it has gone too far.

If this board had a motto it would be "dare to know". Tha requires two-way thinking on everyone's part.
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