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Stupid old fart
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Edited Feb 09, 2008, 02:30
Re: Stupid old fart
Feb 09, 2008, 01:49
Any decision that is made in one of the specially created civil courts as you highlight still needs the final stamp of British law, as in divorce settlements etc. They exist (I believe) simply to allow people to reach an accordance within a certain cultural context. Now if I am not 100% accurate there I don't think that really matters too much.

But part of my worry is, won't any court concerned with Shariah law, exclude women a great deal? If you have any female friends or relations who you care about, hopefully you feel at least a twinge at that one too.

Do we just say, 'oh but that's their culture'? Well It isn't ours! And how many Muslim women might inwardly feel the same way! Never to be heard! People can practice their beliefs till their eyeballs pop out, matters not, but we can not sanction any judicial process that systematically excludes women from becoming or choosing to maybe become part of it, never to have any say or influence etc.

A very simple point, but as the mum of a 4 year old girl (who WILL have the confidence to make her own mind up in this damn place), it is plain fundamental!

EDIT: I've heard all the media hooha and it's been a load of silly (and most likely racist) bollocks I agree. Just feel the 'old fart' is looking from his Ivory Tower a bit here...and I haven't read anything that suggests he actually knows exactly what he's talking about either. I get not to as I'm not a bloody archbishop! Comes across an an ecclesiastical take on Springsteen/ Young throwing in some cod Middle Eastern guitar bends and supportin' 'the other guys';-)

FROM The Independent:

**Diana Nammi from the Iranian & Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation, which helps victims of forced marriages and those at risk of honour killings, said any suggestion of supplementary sharia courts would not be welcomed by Muslim women and said her group would fight for "one law for all" in Britain.

Shahid Malik, the Labour MP for Dewsbury, an area with a large Muslim population, said: "I haven't experienced any clamour to have sharia law in this country. If there are people who prefer sharia law there are always countries where they could go and live."**



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