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9-11 self inflicted?
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Re: Garbage
Apr 02, 2006, 15:12
And I'll raise you:


A guy who watched a 757 hit the building with his own eyes.

The website is full of contradictions and part the 'proof' of conspiracy is that there were few bits of aircraft lying outside of the building! Of course, it's thin aluminium and it hit a blast proof building at 300+mph - it got fcuking shredded! The forward momentum of the kerosene fuel would cut through a building like a lance - and strangely enough there's a round exit hole - that's what should be expected. There was no nose cone found - it either was shredded, or burnt as aluminium does when exposed to high temps such as that found in plane crashes. No seats, of course bloody not, they're thin aluminium with foam and fabric over them and would be shredded.

Between my colleague sitting beside me and I, we've either seen or been involved in 3 crashed aircraft recovery's. All that's left are the pieces that don't burn or are thrown clear. There are very few pieces over a couple of feet wide, and they didn't hit buildings at full tilt. The rest can mostly be collected in plastic bags apart from the titanium engine and undercarriage parts.
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