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Gate Gourmet Strikers -Solidarity Action
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Re: Gate Gourmet Strikers -Solidarity Ac
Oct 20, 2005, 14:08
“Thanks Kid,
I do appreciate my workers, and I reflect that in above average pay, and (hopefully) great working conditions. Hopefully they appreciate me, but you never know.“

I’d like to hear from a few of your employees rather than your possibly biased position. What is above average pay?

”I think Vybik would like me to be some kind of Scrooge character, sacking the workforce at Xmas etc, would probably suite the picture he has built up in his head of me better than the reality.”

I don’t think that would be Vybik’s preference, not mine.

”Saying that, I don't care about the gate gourmet staff. As I said before, I really don't. I have to fly an awful lot, and am always amazed at how shit the food is. If, as Kid C implied, you had that shitty service in any other part of your life you'd stop using the comapny concerned. When enough people did that they would go out of business (and people like Vilebik would probably crow about peoplepower bringing down another shit firm) and the staff would still be unemployed.”

You don’t care about people loosing their livelihood? The people who work for GG can only work with the materials they are provided. I agree if something is shite then we have a right to and should complain about it. It would seem that the concept of the GG bosses forcing costs down by purchasing the cheapest raw materials has an effect on the finished products and that the quality of the food may not be down to the abilities of the staff. I don’t think any of us would crow about bringing down a company, bringing down a greedy, selfish capitalist maybe.

”I'm not a bleeding Tory. Owning your own business does not make you so. In fact, when they were in power so many comapnys closed down that I would be insane to vote for them. Still, I imagine that thinking of me as one suites Vybik and Tickles own prejudices better than the reality.”

The gentleman does protest a little too much. I certainly have no prejudices having worked for wankers of all political persuasions. I have also had one or two excellent bosses. The good ones seem to be the more competent ones.

”I agree with Kid that some of the hostility on this thread has been aimed at the fact I don't (won't) fly cattle class. Sorry about that, but, as the compant is doing ok at the mo, I allow myself that luxury.”

My hostility to you was not based on the “class” you fly. Maybe calling it “cattle class” is a mistake on your part. It implies that you are better than those who travel in classes below you.
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