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Gate Gourmet Strikers -Solidarity Action
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Kid Calamity
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Re: Gate Gourmet Strikers -Solidarity Ac
Oct 20, 2005, 11:40
I've just been reading down this thread. And, it seems to me, as somebody who hasn't been involved in this debate since its inception, last friday, that tempers are rising at Hongnam's more fortunate position, more than his dislike for 'the workers'. I don't think he's a tory. He's just been lucky / worked hard and seems successful. I'd imagine he really appreciates his workers - and they him.

I would have to say though, that if a product or service is not to my liking I will not tolerate it again. I think we are all of that opinion, aren't we? If I'm in the unfortunate position of not having a choice - ie being offered poor inflight catering where there isn't an option, I will complain and quietly hope that that particular company disappears, to be replaced by something that offers better value for my money.

Now, I don't think Hongnam's got a downer on the workers. I think he probably accepts that the company, led by its management level are ordering in substandard cheap ingredients and have people with little cullinary imagination designing the menus.

If I'd got a few quid to spare I'd spend it on a better standard of living - and that includes a nicer seat in an aeroplane.
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