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Polite notice for Pro Hunt Supporters
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Re: Polite notice for Pro Hunt Supporter
Sep 29, 2004, 09:14
I mean fucking hell, if they could have channeled all that energy into something that genuinely needs fighting - illegal wars, climate change - then those thickheaded bastards could almost redeem themselves. But the right to kill foxes...

As some labour bod put it the other day, 'they weren't there for us during the miner's strike, when lives and communities really were being destroyed, so they can't expect support when they have their leisure activities threatened.'

I went down to see them yesterday, just to check that they really exist (I didn't quite believe it). They do. It was disturbing. On the surface it looked like any other demo - placards, familar phrases, noise, whistles, T-shirts covered in swear words - but there was something wrong with the picture. And I finally twigged what it was, there was no singing, no chanting, nothing positive coming off them. They were just a big ugly mob. I saw them turn on some anti-hunt supporters and it was just ugly, atavistic.

My take on it is that the fox thing is a front for a lot of festering anger about the change in the countryside over the years. If they were smarter they'd see the real cause behind that was globalisation, and I don't have much hope that they'll wise up and channel their energies more positively. Instead they'll just dump a fucking dead horse in my town.


And Cunts for doing Wilmington too.
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