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Dog 3000
Dog 3000
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Re: Progress is the problem!
Sep 22, 2003, 21:11
I've actually read Weber's book about "protestantism and capitalism" -- but "protestantism" and "christianity" are not the same thing. His point was all about the social upheavels in the church (reformation) spilling over into economic matters. He wasn't saying Christianity gave birth to Capitalism. More like it was "the spirit of the age" that gave birth to both protestantism & capitalism. My own opinion is these changes were driven by adaptation to demographic changes (primarily population density) and technology.

Though there is something key about the man vs. nature thing as described in Judeo-Christian culture. (Frankly I detect it in your writings . . . you talk about "nature" as if it wasn't real.) Whatever so-called "capitalists" think about the issue, I argue that a) humans are fundamentally "natural" in everything they do, and b) "markets" are a socialized form of "natural" competition (like sports, in a sense.)

And I certainly don't consider myself to be a "capitalist" either . . . more like a "humanist" if I get to pick my own label. ;-)

Man! Here's a whole bunch more huge topics . . .
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