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the 'it' in bullshit
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Dog 3000
Dog 3000
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Re: What was the question again
Sep 22, 2003, 19:50
I said:
"War itself precedes all these other concepts meant to describe social structures."

You said:
"But find me one war whose roots weren't in pursuit of personal profit or promotion of 'the one way'."

To which I reply:
Sounds like you're starting to see my point -- it's not "capitalism" that causes wars, it's "personal profit and/or promotion of the 'one way'." You don't need "capitalism" for either of those things to exist. My problem with your argument is you ascribe everything you don't like to the label/concept "capitalism." That's like saying "it's all Satan's fault." And it sounds suspiciously like you have found your own "one way." ;-)

You said:
"Yes they had tribal feuds, but compared to the intense genocide that our culture has in it's swathe,"

Whose culture are you referring to? Depending on your answer, I'm not sure I should be included in "our" . . .

You said:
"Right now we can promote Fair trade, pollution laws, anti-croneyism, etc etc."

Sez I:
Sounds practical! :-)

Sez you:
"But more importantly we can ask why, which, when, and establish history and the present as an honest reality and not a "one way" sales vehicle of half-lies and full lies."

Sez I:

Finally droog Mofre sez:
"You are by your own feelings 'relatively free', I am by my own feelings 'imprisoned' in a system invented by people who have little to no knowledge of the Land we live on other than an exploitable commodity. Will the twain meet? Yes I'll buy you a pint! (organic local ale of course ;-)"

Thanks for the offer! . . . I don't plan to be down your way any time soon though. :-(

These kinds of conversations ARE always better in person over an ale . . . :-)
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