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the 'it' in bullshit
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Re: the 'it' in bullshit
Sep 20, 2003, 18:49
What I'm skeptical of is rants about "capitalism does this" and "capitalism does that."

I (for one) rant like fuck about capitalism. I presume you are saying that you are either skeptical about my motives, or my validity (for the rant), it would make no sense to be skeptical of the existence of my rant.

There is a whole problem here (as discussed) with labelling, and the fact that 'capitalism' ISN'T (for example) defined by industrialization, neither is it defined by greed, neither is it defined by any one thing ..in the DICTIONARY. And in an ideal world we would all trade and benefit, and life would be regulated by 'evolution' and hunk-dory. Of course (overlooking the fact that those that do not want to be part of this production-based commercial utopia must necessarily suffer) the definition of everything alls apart and sub-labels become attached, ascribed, whatever. But that's still lazy thought. My major rant is the validity of training people to be producers from birth, of mental invasion. Of Constant headspace and airspace being the sole property of those that can afford it. You said yourself 'life isn't fair'. I don't believe that statement to be valid, I'm skeptical of the way it uses seemingly unassumptive evolutionary 'truth' to spirit away another truth: Making life unfair is not excused by saying that life is unfair. The 'survival of the fittest' assumption that is coming to the fore again, is better suited to the days of the cotton mills and chain factories in Victorian England than it is in any reference to the 'natural' world. And reducing us to animals is denying the fact that we have a function of rationalization. It's irrational to think that people have to be 'forced' to behave, the greatest threat to our behavioural and rational development is locking people away in a state of constant 'productivity', one that dissolves the spirit into hours and minutes and dollars. That's not progress, that's stasis, no matter how many lives are 'saved', no matter how many new gadgets we make. The lifestyle we are being sold is an ad-mans vision of linear progress. We do not progress in a linear fashion, that's in line with expansionist thought. There's no 'backwards' and 'forwards' there's just 'better' or 'worse'.
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