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the 'it' in bullshit
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Dog 3000
Dog 3000
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Re: the 'it' in bullshit
Sep 20, 2003, 04:39
I said:
"So if "capitalism" is everywhere at all times and places
and is the repository of all that is wrong in the world --
what is there left to debate?"

You said:

"ummm... how about how to kill it?"

So I reply: and that's the problem with your line of thinking -- how do you kill something that is everywhere in all places at all times without totally f*cking everything up and a lot of people dying in the process? With flowers and unicorns, and not guns and prison camps, I'm sure. I am down with evolution, not revolution. Moving forward, not going in circles.

"then nothing mate... christainity and satan and the boogyman, and the tooth fairy are all make believe characters that lived in a book of stories
by the pedophile brothers of the cloth... unlike the very real globalized capitalism that impoverishes, enslaves and oppresses regardless of color or creed..."

Define what you mean by "capitalism", and be specific.

I said:

"And I'm sorry my fancy words and attention to
"meaning" bothers you..."

You said:

"...an jus how many degrees in socialology deux u need to aquire a black belt...hmmm....."
"no worries on that mate i'm sure mumsy and daddy paid good money for your hard earned education, that i'm quite sure u r using to better the condition of your fellow humans... " all those degrees in sociology I have." uh yeah.... all that education... again....

I reply:

I can't help it if I use big words and get very picky about what terms mean when this subject comes up. I spent years reading very big books with very big words about these topics like "capitalism", "socialism", "communism", "marxism." Obviously we're not speaking the same language here. And I guess you don't want to expand the parameters of the way you think about these things. Dat ole devil capitalism gonna gitcha!

And finally:

"I'm increasingly thinking I should just stick to the
musical discussions around here . . ." dunno... kinda bettin' those are pretty crap as well...

And your reaction here is exactly why I said what I said . . . don't want some "political" yahoo dissin' my music because I didn't bob my head in unison with his "political beliefs."

Your post was just childish.
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