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the 'it' in bullshit
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Dog 3000
Dog 3000
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Re: the 'it' in bullshit
Sep 17, 2003, 18:54
Mofre's rant uses "capitalism" as a be-all bogeyman. He basically ascribes everything to "capitalism" without showing any indication what he means by that. He uses "capitalism" where he could use more specific terms -- money, greed, consumerism, economics, democracy, "Westernism" -- these are not all the same thing.

And of course you've also got a few "anarchists" running around here who will tell you the Soviets, China, N. Korea et al and every state that ever defined itself as "Marxist" and "anti-capitalist" was really "(state) capitalist" too. That really clears things up.

So if "capitalism" is everywhere at all times and places and is the repository of all that is wrong in the world -- what is there left to debate?

It's like an evangelical ranting about Satan -- he's everywhere and everything bad is his fault. So you can say "Damn you Satan!" but then what?

And I'm sorry my fancy words and attention to "meaning" bothers you. May have something to do with all those degrees in sociology I have.

I'm increasingly thinking I should just stick to the musical discussions around here . . .
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