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the 'it' in bullshit
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Re: the 'it' in bullshit
Sep 17, 2003, 13:19
You are completely right in your pedantry. well done you. How-bleedin-ever the term 'capitalism' now means something else, especially to a large group of people who describe themselves as capitalists. Language is like that, it evolves, no amount of bitching about it is going to stop it.

Not only that, but scoring linguistic points is extremely childish. We all know what morfe means, and so do you or you wouldnt go off like a car alarm, so STFU with the origin of the word argument. The orgin is irrelevant, what it means now is important, go read 'language is a virus' by William Burroughs.

I believe morfe was also actually underlining some elements of yr argument, as in 'if capitalism means A then why do they do B'. Whereas you go 'wah! wah! its not capitalism, its not what Marx defined', the rest of the world has learned to expand the meaning of capitalism to encompass all free market western democracies. Whereas the US is actually acting like any good ole imperialist nation on an empire building cycle, we'll just call it evil bad capitalist. Is that okay with you ?

Back to the other point, money, its origin. Aristotle was around when that was happening, and he said, something to the effect of, 'The trouble with money is people will see the purpose of it is to hoard it without end'
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