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Scones anyone?
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Scones anyone?
Dec 12, 2002, 15:43
Sorry, I couldn't resist this subject line.

Hi nickbrand!

That's an unusual place for a stone circle. Have the stones been moved from their original location then, or have the houses been built around it? Sorry if I'm being dim.


If the stones have been moved, does anyone their original location (in New Scone I mean)?

Kammer x
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Re: Scones anyone?
Dec 12, 2002, 19:31
According to Canmore:
"This stone circle stood on the W side of the village of New Scone until 1961, when it was excavated by Stewart (Stewart 1965) in advance of housing development. No trace of a second, tangential circle identified by Stewart is recorded by either the Ordnance Survey or Coles (Coles 1909), and she may have mistaken the character of some natural boulders. On completion of the excavation, the circle was re-erected and it now forms a landscaped feature within the housing complex"

Not very clear as to whether it is in exactly the same spot, Burl doesn't comment on this either. I take the 'the circle was re-erected) to mean it's in the same place, however, as normally there will be a comment if it has been moved - as with Creich Manse and Balbirnie in Fife.

Burl's quite funny on Sandy Road - "This is the ideal site for the slothful. Except when thick with heather it can be seen from one's car".....
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Re: Scones anyone?
Jan 06, 2003, 00:07
The stones were moved in 1961 to make way for the homes to be built and plonked back in the same spot once the work was over . This was once two circles but only a few of the other stones are still here and chances are they aren't in place . As Nick points out this is the perfect site for the lazy . I am famous for being lazy and can see the circle from my window ! ( with a telescope )
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