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Wiltshire Archaeological Magazine PDF's
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Wiltshire Archaeological Magazine PDF's
Dec 03, 2017, 20:10
Like others here, I'm a bit of a collector of old books and also pdf's of those I can't afford or find. I've just bought the following pdf's on disc of the Wiltshire Archaeological And Natural History Magazine. Volumes 1-35, 1854-1908 for the princely sum of £4.95! Details below on ebay (where else!).

Check it out and scroll down to see the main content of each 'magazine'. Volume 16 for example features the following:-

[Description of Stonehenge, Geological Character of the Stonehenge Stones, Destruction of the Stones of Stonehenge, The Fall of the Trilithon in 1797, Flint Flakes found within the Area of Stonehenge, Digging's within the Precincts of Stonehenge, and their results, The Avenues and Cursus, whom were these Stones set up?, How were these Stones brought and set up?, For what purpose were these Stones set up?, Salisbury Plain and the Stonehenge Barrows, Appearance of Stonehenge from the Plain, The Barrows surrounding Stonehenge and the general results of their Examination, The Camp at Amesbury, commonly called Vespasian's Camp, Progress of Down-Cultivation around Stonehenge.]


What I find really interesting is how monuments such as SH were perceived in the early days and how they have 'evolved' since the introduction of modern technology with one theory after another taking over from the previous one.

Loads of interesting stuff there for sure.

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