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Stonehenge & Environs
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Re: Stonehenge & Environs
Nov 03, 2017, 18:16
Smithone wrote:

Any suggestion that this is an Area 57 situation will amuse all the local people that have been directly involved in the community archaeology aspects for over a decade. Information is readily available on the University of Buckingham website, finds are on public display in the Amesbury History Centre, and talks are regularly given there by Professor David Jacques and others. A number of a new tranche of MA students have been writing up their research and this includes film, some of their predecessors have theirs in a form which will be published shortly. As for the latest information such as carbon dating takes time and money, information prior to official publication would devastate crucial funding streams. As for access arrangements - unsurprisingly the owners and their neighbours are anxious about attention as they live in a World Heritage Site with over a million visitors – they rightly have established strict ground rules and could shut down the archaeology project if it isn’t managed carefully. It is not just for this the team are nervous - in one case an experiment run for over a year by the Natural History Museum was completely ruined by a trespasser, in another a trespasser’s boot prints devastated a recently uncovered pristine Mesolithic surface, and a third incident saw all but a small fraction of the equipment lost to arson. As for further digs, it isn't possible to predict until the results of the recent excavation are fully considered, and in case no one has noticed, we are fighting a Stonehenge tunnel that threatens the site through dewatering the WHS.
As stated, please respect the site, your cooperation is relied upon. Thank you.

Hear! Hear! Smithone. I am fairly sure that having read the above no-one who reads or contributes to this forum would want to trespass on the Blick Mead site. I have been following the fight against the Stonehenge short tunnel for a long, long while. It is often disheartening - the National Trust is very out of favour at the moment, not just over its support for a short tunnel but the foxhunting on NT land issue too.
Having said that (for Costa) I am posting a NT link to the details of the walk from Durrington Walls to Stonehenge - I have done this walk and found it very rewarding as it offers a perspective on the Stonehenge landscape a visitor might not otherwise get.
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