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Leskernick South stone circle
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Leskernick South stone circle
Jun 29, 2017, 13:44
I returned to Leskernick (Bodmin Moor) a couple of days ago to video the South stone circle that myself and my small team of volunteer clearance workers collectively known as 'TimeSeekers' had excavated exactly a year ago along with the North circle and 300m length stone row.

Just outside the southern end of the circle, as the following video will show, is a 1.2m x 20cm round flat granite stone with three smaller stones evenly spaced around it. We thought nothing of the round flat stone initially other than it probably was just a natural moor stone because we hadn't at that time noticed the small points of it's outlying 'markers' barely breaking out of the turf. They were only noticed (one at a time) when a couple of us used the stone as a place to store our rucksacks/flasks etc on and began feeling the points under our boots.

Anyway, that aside, here is the 5 min video I shot which clearly shows what we believe COULD be the capstone to a cist with markers denoting its presence. Pure speculation of course but we all felt the same about it.

That aside, has anyone seen a setup exactly like this before because I haven't - but then I've only seen so much!

Here is the video and it begins from within the circle at the southern end and moves directly to the round flat stone. After that the rest of the circle is videoed along with the landscape around it. Magical place.


Hope you find it interesting - especially as I'm not jabbering away on it like I normally do :-)

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