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Romano British Goat
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Romano British Goat
May 15, 2017, 16:31
I am of the impression that the 'stag' in CHC is a depiction of a goat. I have seen this engraving many times and have studied it closely. I don't think that the eye is the natural hole as described by reasearchers. If one looks closely you can see an engraved eye down and to the left of the hole...it's in a far more anatomically correct position for an eye. On seeing this it turns a rather sweet looking 'stag' into a commanding looking goat....with two front legs. I think the reasearchers claimed the second leg to be be part of another animal engraving.? Also why is it presumed that the series of vertical engraved lines beneath are contemporary with the goat/stag? This is where the samples for U series dating came from, the deposits overlay the lines, not the goat/stag.
These are questions I've held for years and was amazed to find out more recently that the late Dr. Roger Jacobi who led the 2006 excavation outside CHC also thought it was most probably a goat and most probably was Iron Age/Romano British. This information came from a colleague of his.
The 'alternative' can be clearly seen in the researchers own photographs. As for engraved antler..well to be honest I could never really see any times clearly..
Thoughts anyone..?

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