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Neolithic women
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Re: Neolithic women
Mar 11, 2017, 10:35
tiompan wrote:
Littlestone wrote:
tiompan wrote:

Fwiw ,watch out for an “actually it's Rudston “ from those who have a problem with mis-spilling/typos .

Thank you Mr t - duly corrected. Perhaps you'd also like to do the same by making a little more effort scrutinising your own comments for punctuation, spelling and grammatical inaccuracies before posting them. Is a 'mis-spilling' something that happens between the milking parlour and the kitchen for example? :-)

I couldn't care less about your mis-spulling or typos , it was perfectly obvious what was intended . Although not everyone takes that attitude .


I’ve taken a leaf out of your book Mt t and Googled ‘spulling’ (but without much success I’m afraid). Looks like the word is up for grabs, so I’d like to respectfully suggest that it could be applied to those (students, forum uses etc) who ‘spull’ the internet for information and then present that info as their own. We could say to such people, “You’ve just spulled that, it’s not your own work at all.” Or, “Stop spulling, do your own research and give us some original thoughts.”

Not sure how we’d use mis-spulling though (other than perhaps as the misuse of spulling. :-)
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