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Neolithic women
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Re: Neolithic women
Mar 07, 2017, 00:15
carol27 wrote:
tiompan wrote:
moss wrote:
carol27 wrote:
Ooh, it had to come didn't it? Reading tjj s ponderings, it set me a thinking. Do you suppose women just breast fed & gathered? Or were they like Lionesses & quite a bit of the animal kingdom where the female of the species sorts it out? Whoever, don't start, I'm largely thinking about lions.I've often noticed that within said animal kingdom that it's the males who are highly decorated & attractive. Even in some human tribes. Is breast, womb, fecundity expressed by the mounds & curves?
In this day of hairless bodies; fat filled lips & plastic filled breasts; near starvation physiques; stretched grotesque faces & designer vaginas; women, we think we're feminist & we get nowhere near.
Whoa, we've travelled so far. I think our Neolithic women would have had it far better sorted out:)

Clever females have just been sidelined in history! Think of the female writers, poets, artists. Boudica is not exactly a favourite of mine, her cruelty in Colchester - tying the roman matrons to stakes, cutting off their breasts and then stuffing them in their mouths, has always made me flinch. Then there was Cartimandu, about the same time, Iron Age ruler of the Brigantes, 'divorced' her husband and married someone else, okay she did betray Caractus. As Tiompan says, it was the soul-destroying christianity that put paid to equality between the sexes.

Hi Moss ,
Although not a novel idea I was suggesting much earlier than Christianity / Monotheism , which was only a continuation of the subjugation .
Back to the the introduction of farming i.e. the Neolithic was the point that the changes were introduced , difficult to prove but good arguments in favour of it .

Yes thankyou everyone, but what I'm wondering about is why, do we think, that subjugation was deemed necessary. Why, do we think that the concept of , virgin, whore, witch as tjj so succinctly put it became a concept, "going forward":) Yes, a nauseating phrase I know:) but, you know modern parlence & all that.

This is a typical approach to the idea that much greater gender inequality began with the onset of farming during the Neolithic .


There is also a similar argument for general inequality and greater opportunities for a more hierarchical society .

The Beeb VIEW http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-18235130
The paper , it's a bit techy in places but jump to the conclusions .

It might be argued that it is little different from the usual wishful thinking golden age fantasies associated with any period earlier than today , in this case the Mesolithic , and also suffers from with the extra baggage of noble savage stuff too . But there is some data rather than dreams .
Of course it wouldn't have been a bed of roses for women or any males that might " less advantaged " in Meso but the possibility that farming exacerbated the divisions seems likely .
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