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Newgrange: quartz and granite wall
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Re: Newgrange: quartz and granite wall
Jul 18, 2016, 23:29
K81 is opposite GC -8, the same point at which the current Quartz wall fades out to nothing? Clearly seen here: http://www.newgrange.com/newgrange/newgrange_aerial.jpg

The other side was not excavated as far around so that is understandable.

On the smashed Quartz, O'Kelly only really refers to it relating to the 2m or so area that they cut into to carry out the experiment of tumbling a rebuilt wall, I don't think he says the smashed Quartz was typical of the entire spread.

I agree about the entrance, it's a shame they used limestone on either side but it was a case of damned if you do, damned if you don't. They needed to scoop out the area to install stairs and if he had faced this area with Quartz it would be an undeniable piece of fabricated reconstruction that critics would use as the stick to beat him with. He chose to be upfront and direct about it instead, using an alien stone source. I don't think he had much choice on whether stairs would be installed or not, that was one of the main aims before he even got the job.

I missed Ann Lynch's talk but I believe it was based on the Newgrange excavation report that is either just published or is imminent. Have you seen it? Very interesting and thorough.
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