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Newgrange: quartz and granite wall
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Re: Newgrange: quartz and granite wall
Jun 24, 2016, 18:04
If it's the national symbol of prehistoric Ireland, then part of it's role is to get people to Ireland and possibly go to some other prehistoric sites, then wouldn't it be better to look as awesome as possible, it may be fantastical, but on this one point it's just perfect and performing well.
Of course, I prefer it as it was before, but the roof box is blocked, that's a big part of the draw for me. Plus and this is the biggest point for me, but the least worth while, It's looked this way all my life, I've seen so many pictures of it, it's always made me wonder, in a small, very small way, it was part of what made me me.
I don't want it to change, i'm not very adaptable, I like it the way it is, and I'd in all seriousness feel sorry for it if it was all taken apart again.
If it's just a question of correctness, have an alternative view model in the visitor centre or better still point people towards Dowth for a more real prehistoric Ireland.
I'm sorry if that all sounds a bit stupid, my only real problem was with part of gjdgjd's initial comment "Unesco should withdraw its world heritage status" such absurdly extreme views get on my nerves and I like to add a bit of balance.
Leave it alone and let it rest, it looks cool.
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