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Newgrange: quartz and granite wall
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Re: Newgrange: quartz and granite wall
Feb 26, 2008, 17:38
tiompan wrote:
CianMcLiam wrote:
There were quartz bottom 'ponds' found outside one of the entrances to Knowth, lined with stone and possibly filled with water according to some specualtive account I read a while back. Trying to remember where I read that but it sounds similar to what was found outside Newgrange.

Eogan describes some "spreads" of exotic stones , quartz ,granite and banded mudstone at the entrance to Knowth as well as a saucer shaped setting 4.5 m from the kerb which included quartz , sounds like it may be same thing .One of the properties of quartz is thermo-luminescence which can provide "earth-lights " which must have been noted and wondered at plus even striking two bits of quartz can provide light . It's proabbly easier to mention the sites that didn't have quartz .

They've been put back in place now. You can one lot behind the stones in this pic - http://www.megalithomania.com/show/image/1054/Boyne+Valley.htm

and you can just see the other one in this pic - http://www.megalithomania.com/show/image/1057/Knowth.htm
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