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Re: Mr Carr
Jul 31, 2007, 14:21
Littlestone wrote:
You're very good at asking questions Paulus and very bad at answering them (re: the questions to you in my last post). Perhaps you should cool down a bit, and if you read the whole of this thread you'll see why so many people both here and on other threads have become irritated with Mr Carr (who actually hasn't imputed anything).

And on the personal insult theme; this from your own profile, "And please don't get any ideas about the modern New-Age shamans [or pagan-druids for that matter] being owt like the real thing, cos they're not: they're shams not shamans!)"*

Shams not shamans? Do you not consider that may be insulting to the pagans and druids who post on TMA? Time to take a long hard look at yourself Paulus. Meanwhile, please feel free to post on this thread, but unless you and Mr Carr have anything of worth to contribute to it don't expect any further replies from me.

* http://www.themodernantiquarian.com/user/1582

OOOOOOOHH!!! Doing the old - "I'm not gonna talk to you anymore" stampy-footy lark, ey!? How blessed am I!? Please don't think that I'll give you the same ignorance LittleOne.

My 'Personal Profile' is my personal profile. It tells people about me, blatantly, up-front, as I am. If that insults people, I'm sure they can have their own opinions as to "He's a pratt, dickhead, arrogant...whatever." I've no problems with that at all. But at least people know where they stand and they know they'll get straight talking from me. YOU, of all people, have decried just about everything I mention in my profile over the last few years, on personal levels, with various people. And you know you have. New-Agers, leys - even scientific rationale which doesn't accord with your limited view of reality. Pot calling t' kettle, etc. You're an egomaniac - it's quite obvious, hiding behind the false image of Mr Nice Guy. At least admit it!
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