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Paul Joseph Watson
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Paul Joseph Watson
Oct 13, 2017, 22:37
Fucking yes mate! HA HAAAAAA! I am freeeeeeee!

Free to type any bollocks I like because I am drunk and attempting to mirror that first time I saw The Colbert Report and thought:


well I've got news for you Penis Jehovah Womble

I TOO believe that the World is at a tipping point

and it is all about ME!

Massive Entropy is a key element involved in the breakdown of thought that requires a gentle man such as myself to actually bother to continue typing because apparently typing sends positive feedback signals to the brain like a marmoset or a baby crying next door who is definitely urging you to go on

Shite - I appear to have lost the imaginary lunatic asylum telepathy that comes from listening to Rinse FM when hungover as a fucking cunt in pre biblical times

oh shit it - fucking hell if I can't just type into the internet in response

fuck there it goes again

wait, o

lunatic fringe



there was a special mantra i had so i could actually be fucked typing about something because the internet is worthless, hang on


horses, something about horses

in chimeneys guffed laden sacks of orange

ah bollocks that isn't it either

string of hexadecimal numbers broadcast on all radio frequencies defeats all radio devices without an electromagnetic pulse, so nuclear weapons are irrelevent, unless you want to come back to the Earth in 250,000 years time

great. that's the one. Chubbi Chibbi!!!

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