Trilithon Records presents

Music from Julian Cope's ONE THREE ONE
  • Stephen O'Malley
  • Holy McGrail
  • Julian Cope


  • 1.Pompeii
  • 2.Herculaneum
  • 3.Resin A
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“A Drone Metal Colossus of 54-Minutes’ Endurance”

Recorded especially as part of the soundtrack of his acclaimed novel One Three One, Julian Cope has collaborated with Sunn O)))'s Stephen O'Malley and Slomo's Holy McGrail to create this gargantuan facsimile of the 1970s Naples-based commune band that features within the novel’s pages. One Three One was published in June 2014 by Faber & Faber to ecstatic reviews, The Guardian commenting “One of the most brilliant, serious, funny, life-crammed novels any reader is likely to lay their mitts on.”

“The lovely one fired up the radio and set her controls for the heart of 89.9FM, which burst into life with the extremely strung-out psychedelic thunder of Vesuvio, whose mind-boggling overkill quickly established my hefty need to skin up one of Jim Feather’s budding treats. I jumped into the empty backyard of this sumptuous General Motors limousine, furnished only with Giampaolo’s latest antique shop bargains. Then I plopped myself down upon his low pine coffee table and put three Green Rizlas together. Then, over the riotous Ur-Klang of Vesuvio, I proceeded to recount to Blessèd Anna my own long-winded account of the previous day.”
One Three One, page 346